суббота, 14 ноября 2015 г.

On the 14th of November
 in our town was 
the Olimpiad in English.
Form 11
II place - Glori Sophia
III place - Garin Ihor
Form 9
III place - Mastylenko Anna
 IV place - Novyk Yulia
IV place - Otrokh Anastasia

You are the best!

воскресенье, 1 ноября 2015 г.

November in English Speaking Countries

  • Guy Fawkes Day - the 5th of November 

Guy Fawkes rose to fame after planning the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, and failing. On Nov. 5, we remember the fifth with fireworks and parties, and some of us even watch V for Vendetta, the film based on Guy’s actions.

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder, treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

  • Thanksgiving Day - the fourth Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving Day is traditionally a day for families and friends to get together for a special meal. The meal often includes a turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin pie, and vegetables. Thanksgiving Day is a time for many people to give thanks for what they have. It precedes Black Friday

Some people have a four-day weekend so it is a popular time for trips and to visit family and friends.

WATCH:  Thanksgiving story for kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh_0t4EcsjE

Thanksgiving Day parades are held in some cities and towns on or around Thanksgiving Day. Some parades or festivities also mark the opening of the Christmas shopping season.

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