понедельник, 27 июня 2016 г.


Літо - найкраща пора покращити свої знання з англійської мови, граючись навчатися :)
Learning Chocolate is the Best Vocabulary Learning Platform here (тут) & here (тут)

Aims to help students and children to memorize English vocabulary in an easy and efficient way, by using image, pronunciation and game. Free and Fun!

How to use Learning Chocolate to improve your English

This tutorial shows ESL students how to use Learning 

chocolateto improve their vocabulary and pronunciation.

суббота, 18 июня 2016 г.

Summer is the best time for learning English with pleasure. 
Learn English online with these fun games. A wide selection of vocab and interesting, engaging content. Study English and have fun at the same time. This site is for ... Click to play ... Look at the image and then spell the word as best you can.